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  ERP Software Selection Criteria Best Practices

Best Practice: Use a Risk-Based Planning Approach for your new ERP Project

Seek the right balance between "How rigorous a procurement process is prudent for your organization?" and "How much work do you want to create for yourselves?"  Depending how simple vs. complex your business needs and project risks are, either a top-down (more issues/ exceptions-based) or a bottom-up (more comprehensive) software evaluation and solution provider selection approach may be more appropriate and cost-effective.  

For example, if your current ERP product knowledge and experience are already high, you have standard and relatively simple business needs, and the probability and consequences of a failed project are low, then you likely won’t want/need as rigorous a procurement process in selecting your new ERP and provider (i.e. your solution decision will be a more straightforward and lower risk).  

Conversely, if your current ERP product knowledge and experience are less, you know you have unique or complex business needs, and/or your delivery risk is higher, then you’ll want to use a more thorough procurement approach to ensure your new ERP solution and provider indeed meet all your needs (i.e. your solution decision criteria should be more comprehensive given any potential delivery issues are more material and consequential to the business).

ERP Evaluation Criteria For Making The Best ERP Software Selection For Your Company

Analyzing the root-causes of why so many ERP projects fail to deliver as expected, we've developed a four-part model to aid ERP project sponsors and leaders in making the best ERP software selection for their company while mitigating the predictable risks. We submit their are four cornerstones to make a good ERP selection to enable your business requirements

ERP Software Selection Criteria

Path Forward

For details on each cornerstone of our recommended ERP software selection criteria, follow the link to our ERP Software Selection Guide. When you are ready, we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your selection criteria with you in-person.